Spidey's ZDoom Font Generator

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Version 0.2.7 released
Version 0.2.6 released


Latest Version:
Doomfontgen 0.2.7


View the manual online:
Doomfontgen Manual


Compatible Source Ports:
ZDoom GZDoom Skulltag Vavoom
ZDoom Wiki Topics:
Custom Hud HudMessage Print SendToCommunicator SetFont SetHudSize FONTDEFS SBARINFO TEXTCOLO

...so, what is it?

"Spidey's ZDoom Font Generator," or "doomfontgen," generates bitmaps from system fonts which can be converted for use in Doom engines supporting zdoom-style "font lumps." This can be done by using the utility "imagetool," which can be found at zdoom.org. (note: imagetool is now integrated and distributed with doomfontgen!)

This tool can create images suitable for "console fonts" (FON1) or "big fonts" (FON2). Images can be saved as high-color PNG (for editing) or paletted PCX (for direct import into imagetool). Images can also be saved directly as font lumps. Doomfontgen can also create "embedded" / STCFN* font images (several images , each representing a single character).

Supported Doom Engine Source Ports

This tool is compatible with the ZDoom, GZDoom, Skulltag and Vavoom source ports. If you know of other compatible ports, please let me know.

Embedded fonts are compatible with any port, including the original "vanilla" DOS versions of Doom.

Supported Font Types

Console fonts (FON1):

"Big fonts" (FON2):

"Embedded fonts" (STCFN*):